• 1. How much time does it take for an implant to be ready?
  • Ans : Based on the final design approved, it could be between 7-10 days.

  • 2. What is size of implant & thickness of implant?
  • Ans : It will be based on the area of application; however, it could be starting from 0.7mm.

  • 3. Which implants are you specialised in?
  • Ans : We have printed various customize implant of cranial, orbital, mandible, maxillary and also now stepped in Spinal jigs.

  • 4. Do you have FDA approval?
  • Ans : FDA is for standard size implants as we deal with customised implant, we have ISO 13485&ISO 9001. However, our plant is designed & made as per FDA requirement.

  • 5. Is your product/Process Validated?
  • Ans : yes, It has undergone various testing which includes Biocompatibility testing, tensile testing, bio burden testing, in vitro testing, skin sensitization testing and many more.

  • 6. Are medical people involved in technological?
  • Ans : yes, an excellent team of doctors, engineers, biomedical engineers, CAD designers and medical consultants.

  • 7. Do you provide 3D anatomical model?
  • Ans : yes, we provide surgical guides and bio models for ease of surgery based on doctors requirement.

  • 8. How can one start the process?
  • Ans : o To start the process we need diacom file, the diacom file is then converted into CAD model leading to formation of STl file. Once the Stl file is approved by the doctor, the Implant is printed.

  • 9. Do you need any approval for doctor?
  • Ans : Yes, once the design is ready, a checklist form is made which needs to be signed off by doctor before printing..

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