Incredible AM Pvt Ltd was established in 2017. The company is a Venture of Industrial Metal Powders India Pvt Ltd to pursue Innovation & believing in Redesigning Life. Mr Prakash Dhoka founded the company in 1974 and he has been successfully running the business since then. IMP is a world class manufacturer of electrolytic Iron powder, electrolytic Iron flakes, Pre-alloyed powder, Reduced Iron powder. The company has been supplying it’s products to over 33 countries worldwide which has nutritional, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Chemical, Water Remediation etc.

In 2016, Mr. Mahesh Dhoka, Director, India Pvt Ltd, envisioned the possible opportunity in Advanced Manufacturing and decided to diversify the business. His relentless hard work and support from the management took him to Renishaw AM Division, UK for further discussion where Incredible was conceptualized. Later, the plant was built in IMP premises and resources were procured over the period of time.

Why 3D Incredible?

With growing demand for 3D technology, 3D Incredible discover the transformative potential of 3D printing. 3D Incredible originated from IMP manufacturer who has over than 42 years of trusted experience in manufacturing the unsurpassable quality product. 3D Incredible has been driven by the needs of the customers and their unique business challenges in healthcare as well as engineering industries.

3D incredible work in hand with the largest group of skilled and experienced software developers, mechanical engineers who turn the vision into reality. Our uncompromising commitment to innovate a wide variety of 3D printing applications has the aim to make the world better and healthier. Our state of art plant provides all the facilities that inspire us to utilize the 3D printing technology for the specific and accurate solution for AM technology.

3D Incredible is an ISO 13485:2016 accredited company!


Our Goals


Our vision is to be recognized as a leading Additive Manufacturing Company known for its innovative products, quality, cost effectiveness and customer centric organization.

We are committed to manufacture, supply and market world class 3D Printed products and seek to achieve customer delight through our world class manufacturing facility. We work on the mission keeping our company name - “INCREDIBLE" in mind.
Quality Goals

We, the team members at Incredible AM Pvt. Ltd, commits ourselves to:

  • To meet 100% stated requirement of Customer.
  • Reduction in non-conformities by 10% in every sixth month.
  • To provide 100% supply on time.
Quality Policy

We, the team members of Incredible AM Pvt Ltd, are passionate and committed to Customer Delight by providing most innovative and world class 3D Printed products through continuous improvement in our Knowledge, Skills, Manufacturing Processes and Quality Management System. We are committed to comply with the applicable Statutory, Regulatory and other requirements.


Incredible AM Pvt Ltd has 2 Renishaw AM 400 metal printers having capacity of 400 W laser which has build volume of 250 X 250 X 300 mm (L X W X H). It can produce very complex shapes which are not possible by conventional method such as casting and forging. Produced parts have 0.2 mm accuracy and several metal alloys can be printed on these machines.

Incredible AM Pvt Ltd is proud of its eventful journey in the additive manufacturing industry. We have made a conscious effort to ensure we deliver advanced, high-quality, and cutting-edge 3D printed products for our clients especially who hail from the medical and Engineering domain. Our objective is to offer the best possible 3D printed components with high precision and zero-defects.

We are a metal 3D printing service provider having advanced equipment. We are one shop stop solution providers who can assist customers regarding design, 3D printing to post-processing operations.

At our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which is built according to FDA guidelines, we strictly maintain the right temperature and humidity controls in our production area, quality control area, and cleaning room area. We use HEPA filter which eliminates around 99.97% of particles that are more than or equal to 0.3 µm and maintain Class 10000 clean room for all our products.

Additionally, we are the only Metal 3D printing service providers having extensive metal powder analysis in-house laboratory in India. We strictly analyze powder on delivery. The laboratory was setup to analyze powder morphology, bulk density, flowability, oxygen-carbon-nitrogen content etc. We closely monitor these properties to achieve high density and minimum contamination of 3D printed parts.

We are relying on CE and FDA approved software for implant design and Engineering part development which is a testament to our efforts focussed directed towards offering optimal accuracy required for part production.

By adopting the latest and modern technology, we not only strive to offer high-quality advanced 3D printed solutions, we also align our operations to ensure we offer maximum customer satisfaction. Indeed, all products manufactured by Incredible AM Pvt Ltd comply with ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015.

In conclusion, customers can count on us for product quality, raw material quality, timed delivery as we follow well-established industrial practices, and our world-class manufacturing plant has been designed and built to fulfill customer requirements.

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Gat No. 699/1, Koregaon Bhima,
Behind Kalyani Forge, Tal- Shirur,
Dist- Pune 412 216,
Maharashtra, India.


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G-11/S11, Paresh Industrial Complex, Shankar sheth Road, Pune 411037, Maharashtra, India.

+91 7030940790 (Engineering)
+91 7030952719 (Medical)


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