What is it?

Transport industry contributes largely to carbon emission to the atmosphere, resulting in greenhouse effect and its disastrous consequences. According to case studies, a few grams weight reduction of automobile or aerospace engine components would drastically reduce the emission and substantially enhance the overall performance of the engines. Topology optimisation is a mathematical model that analyses the stresses coming on to a structure, it’s direction, location and magnitude which identifies unwanted material from the parts. That unwanted portion gets eliminated and finally what we get is equally strong but light-weight part design.


  • Material Saving
  • Reduction in production time
  • Reduction in production & part cost
  • Improvement in product performance. For e.g. better fuel efficiency due to reduction in weight, less wear of sliding components, easy to assemble
  • less carbon footprint

Application Industries



Steps Description
01Choose a part for Topology Optimization and create a Cad model
02Define stresses coming on to the part while in operation
03Software package analysis stresses and removes material which does not affect the functionality of the part
043D print the optimized CAD model
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