What is it?

An assembly is a group of parts joined together by a variety of means such as welding, bolting, riveting etc. These joining processes have limitations, and at high temperature and pressure, chances of failure are very high. Also more the parts in assembly, its efficiency diminishes. In such cases where assemblies are large, and its efficiency is critical, parts consolidation is an alternative. In this process, parts are merged together in the CAD model with some design changes without compromising the functionality of the part. There are several successful examples of part consolidation accommodating as large as 36 components in a single part. Such consolidated parts do have complex geometries which are not possible to produce conventionally, and metal 3D printing is the only option left.


  • Reduction in supply chain
  • Low risk of failure
  • Significant improvement in performance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cost saving

Application Industries

Design and Development
Oil and Gas
General Engineering


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