What is it?

Inventory management has always been a challenge for Manufacturing industries. OEM’s have to maintain a huge inventory throughout the year which incurs space as well as cost. However, with the advent of additive manufacturing, inventory can possibly be digitised and revoked whenever required, a truly just in time scenario. Companies can identify a group of components which they need once or twice a year. These components need not to be stored on the shelf for a whole year, instead, CAD model of the parts can be maintained. Once requirement arises, the component can be 3D printed and dispatched within 5-7 days. This approach saves cost and space significantly.


  • Reduction in inventory space required
  • Reduction in inventory investment cost
  • Improved working capital
  • Just in Time approach

Application Industries

Oil and gas
General Engineering


Steps Description
01Select spare parts which are ideal for metal printing
02Either Reverse Engineer the spares or if reality available, retrive CAD model of the parts
03Store the CAD files in a system
04When requirement arises, receive the spares in 5 - 7 working days

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