Metal 3D Printing and Aerospace Industry

As we are all aware that the 3D printing technology has gradually penetrated several major industrial domains. One of the major industries to benefit from industrial 3D metal printing is the aerospace industry. The aerospace industry has constantly integrated the latest technological innovations to increase productivity. The major challenges that the aerospace industry has to tackle include various environmental performance restrictions, the competitive landscape of the market, and the soaring manufacturing costs

    Metal additive manufacturing is poised to solve the aforementioned problems effectively. The benefits of 3D printing include:

  • Reduced production time
  • No need for additional tooling
  • Reduces wastage of materials
  • Cost-effective

Due to the several benefits of 3D metal printing, the aerospace industry has gradually integrated 3D metal printing. The most effective 3D metal printing techniques used in the aerospace industry include selective laser melting or selective laser sintering.

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