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What is it?

Bulky metal component consumes extra material which not only adds to the weight, but also to heat dissipation capacity of the component. Reduction of material from a part without compromising mechanical properties is a challenge, however metal 3D printing has enabled us to reduce a part weight through innovative lattice structures. Strength of a part relies on material used and its structure. As name suggests itself, lattice structure is something to do with the structure of a part. The material is structured in such a way that it can sustain heavy load at lowest part to weight ratio. Additionally, increased surface area significantly raises heat dissipation capacity of the structured components. As a result, in many heat transfer applications, high strength material can be used without having to face thermal expansion issues at elevated temperatures.


  • Reduction in part weight without compromising material properties
  • Faster cooling of a part
  • Material saving
  • Reduction in production time
  • Cost Saving

Application Industries

Heat Transfer


Steps Description
01Select a part
02Finite element analysis (Structural)
03Identify areas Lattice Structure can be incorporated
04Choose appropriate Lattice structure
05Redesign part by introducing Lattice Structure
063D Printing

Case Study

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