CT Scan Protocol

General Information About CT Scan

This document describes the guidelines for a CT scan that is taken for the purpose of ordering a Patient Specific Implant from INCREDIBLE AM Pvt Ltd.
Note:- Petient Specific Implants are intended for the replacement of bony voids in the caranial/craniofacial skeleton.

Scanning Instructions

Ensure scanner is DICOM Compliant. Scan with the same slice spacing; the slice spacing must be less than or equal to the slice thickness. The slice thickness should be between 0.625mm and 1.25mm
Scan must be less than four months old Reconstruct the image with a 512 x 512 matrix
Data must be on CD,USB & we transfer Films will not be accepted Only the axial images are required
Scan all slices of the study in the same direction All slices must have the same field of view. The same reconstruction centre, and the same table height
Align the patient in a way that prevents as many artifacts as possible in the resulting images. It is advised not to use a gantry tilt because Data maybe of inferior quality Send the images (DICOM) Slice to surgeon

Use the following scan parameters or the closest approximation possible

Matrix 512 X 512
Slice Thickness 1.0 mm
Feed per Rotation 1.0 mm
Reconstructed slice Increment 1.0 mm
Reconstructed Algorithm Bone or High Resolution Bone or High Resolution
Gantry Tilt 0
Accepted Media CD or USB

INCREDIBLE AM accepts only uncompressed DICOM data.
Note of CD: Scanner type, Date of Scan, Patient name and number, Surgeon, Hospital, Contact Number

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