Mould and Dies Tool Manufacturing

Metal 3D printing can be used to fabricate tooling that will not only reduce lead times and costs, but also increase functionality and enhance the ability to customize. With Stainless steel 3D printing services, 3D Incredible is able to create tooling and custom fixtures with the flexibility to act faster leading to shrinking the cost and risks associated with traditional production.

3D Incredible has lately been recognized as a major actor in 3D printing technology of injection moudling and die casting where we provide the customers with solutions for manufacturing the most complex molds, dies and inserts.

Heating/cooling channels in an insert are one of the most important factor in injection moulding and die casting tools. Employing traditional machining methods have put limitations on the performance of the channels but with 3D printing, 3D Incredible has been able to build inserts with conformal channels. These inserts can be then used for any kind of injected or die cast product in all segments.

3D Printing is a rising industrial trend with growing applications and initiatives all over the world. At 3D Incredible, we have embraced additive manufacturing as the prominent technology providing new opportunities to our customers as we understand how 3D printing is a better choice over traditional technologies in mold and die manufacturing.

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