What is 3D PRINTING ?

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is a Selective Laser Melting process, capable of producing fully dense metal implants, direct from 3D CAD model using a high-powered fibre laser, by fine metal powders that are fully melted in a tightly controlled atmosphere, layer by layer.

Metal additive manufacturing allows metal parts to be built without the need for traditional tooling and with few limitations in geometry. Equally, it is complementary to traditional subtractive methods and can be readily integrated into the existing production workspace.

Organizations which use metal parts can make a thorough analysis of current product and production lifecycles to reveal gaps where metal additive manufacturing could prove advantageous - in reducing development time, production steps, costs and use of material.

3d printing in engineering helps to produce complex parts with improved features within a short span of time.

3D Printing Materials Available

  • Ti6AL4V
  • SS316L
  • SS 17-4 PH
  • AlSi10Mg
  • Maraging Steel M300
  • CoCr
  • In625
  • In718

Advantages of Direct Metal Printing

  • Custom metal parts can be built in different materials.
  • Complex and Intricate Shapes with high dimensional accuracy and fine details.
  • Extremely dense (˃ 99.8%).
  • Quick and Cost Effective compared to traditional manufacturing methods for intricate parts.
  • Tool less production enables less energy and raw materials as compered traditional manufacturing techniques. Also, less wastage of raw materials results into cost effective manufacturing.
  • Single component can be produced as different machined components.
  • Ideal for functional prototyping and end parts.
  • Conformal cooling channels of Inner channels and passages that are curved, in a   tool and die, can be achieved with 3D metal printing.
  • Topological optimization results into best suited design for manufacturing as well as functional use.

Material list

Conformal Cooling Insert

Single Component Hydraulic manifold

Engineering Support Structure

Spider Bracket

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