IMP invests in US based 3D printing service bureau, PrintForm

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IMP invests in US based 3D printing service bureau, PrintForm

PrintForm, a built-to-order customized manufacturing parts unit, recently received a strategic investment from Industrial Metal Powders (IMP), an electrolytic iron powder manufacturer based in India.

Established in Alpharetta, Georgia, PrintForm blends 3D printing technologies with conventional manufacturing methods, offers prototypes and custom manufacturing products. PrintForm serves a wide range of clients including aerospace, medical, industrial, and consumer products.

After two big partnerships with InspireX Ventures’ and WIPRO3D last year, IMP’s investment adds another feather in the cap for PrintForm. IMP’s stature and experience in additive manufacturing will not only enhance PrintForm offering but also revolutionize 3D printing in Alpharetta.

“The investment from Industrial Metal Powders is exciting news to announce as we move into 2018,” said Mallikarjun Huralikoppi, PrintForm’s President, and Co-Founder. “They are leaders and veterans in their industry who also share an interest in additive manufacturing, having already set up Incredible AM, a metal 3D printing plant of their own.”

As IMP ventured into additive manufacturing, Incredible AM was born, with the objective of targeting medical and engineering industries with 3D printed biomedical implants and complex structures. An extension of the successful electrolytic iron powder manufacturing, Incredible AM made IMP the ideal associate for PrintForm.

Apart from the custom manufacturing services, PrintForm has been exploring diverse streams of manufacturing process like injection molding, CNC machining, sheet metal, and cast urethane/ vacuum castings, Stereolithography, Fused Deposition Modelling, Colour Jet Printing, Polyjet, and Direct Metal Laser Sintering. PrintForm is engaged in various manufacturing operations to meet the ever-growing demands of custom parts. Along with 3D printing technology, IMP’s investment will transform the industry with its expertise and experience.

“Apart from growing our internal teams to support our expanding customer base, we are also investing in the technology development necessary to help our customers go from quote to delivery as easy as possible,” added Huralikoppi. “Our partnership with IMP will help us get these new solutions in front of our customers more quickly, and further expand the success we had in 2017.”

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