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Incredible AM Pvt Ltd was established in 2017. The company is a child company of Industrial Metal Powders (IMP) Pvt Ltd. Mr Prakash Dhoka founded the company in 1974 and he has been successfully running the business since then. IMP is a world class manufacturer of electrolytic Iron powder, flakes, pre-alloyed powder, reduced alloy powder. The company has been supplying it’s products to over 33 countries worldwide which has industrial, nutritional and cosmetic applications.

In 2016, Mr Mahesh Dhoka, Director, IMP Pvt Ltd, envisioned the possible opportunity in Advanced Manufacturing and decided to diversify the business. His relentless hard-work and support from the management took him to Renishaw AM Division, UK for further discussion where Incredible was conceptualised. Later, the plant was built in IMP premises and resources were procured over the period of time.

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