Why IMP started 3D Incredible?

With growing demand for 3D technology IMP manufacturer, one of the trusted brands who has over than 42 years of experience started 3D Incredible to provide unsurpassable quality of the 3D product. Being driven by strong R&D capabilities and innovative minds IMP devoted their innovative ideas to deliver 3D Incredible customers services that fulfill the challenges in healthcare as well as engineering industries.

3D incredible are dedicated to serving engineering industries as well as healthcare industries with the high quality of 3D products that are second to none. We thanks to our dedicated and experienced technical department. Our world class production plant at Pune stands as a tall testimony of our efforts and capabilities to deliver the best of products. Our state of art plant of 3D Incredible is the suite of all well experienced and highly qualified software developer and Mechanical engineers so that we provide all the complex AM products with perfection.


Oral And Maxillofacial



Benefits of AM in Healthcare

Benefits of 3D printed implants to Patients

  • AM implants are customized as per patient’s requirement.
  • Implants are the exact replica of CT/MRI scan. No modifications during implant fitting.
  • 3D printing can provide accurate implants as per patient anatomy, contours and bone thickness etc.
  • Saving time during surgery.
  • Minimal chances of bacterial infection.
  • Less post-operative treatments and faster recovery which improves the physical and mental life.
  • Need minimal autografts (tissue transfer from one part of the patient's body to another); means faster healing and lower risk.
  • Generates response from the surrounding cells and tissues which are important for the implant.
  • With 3D printing, mirror type of craniomaxillofacial implants possible. It improves aesthetic.

Benefits of 3D printed implants to Doctors

  • The doctor can bring in design complexities which would be suitable to the patient.
  • Complicated surgeries become less stressful.
  • Customized surgical guides to perform complicated operations that bring relief to doctors.
  • Anatomical models are also being provided for the pre-planning of the surgery.
  • Reduce an operation time. Doctor can perform more number of operations within time.
  • The happy patient would bring glory to the doctors.

Benefits of 3D printed implants to Hospitals

  • Due to customized implants, the time taken for the surgery is reduced.
  • Operation theatre can be utilized to perform more number of operations
  • Risk during operation and post operation is less.
  • Preplanning of implants helps the hospital to have a high success ratio in surgeries.
  • As success rate improves, patient health improves and hospital reputation goes up.
  • Hospitals can also subscribe to the design software for the implant and work with the IMP team to pre-plan the surgery and implant.

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