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Metal 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) is a latest manufacturing technology which has the potential to revolutionize the way metal parts are being manufactured traditionally. Very complex and intricate shapes can produced without dies and tooling. It is a ‘Near Net Shape’ manufacturing process where parts are built very close to required dimensions, to be precise, in 0.2 mm accuracy. Metal printing has several sub technologies available in the market such as SLM, DMLS, DMD etc, and Incredible AM is working on SLM process-Selective Laser Melting.

The process begins with the CAD model of a part. The model is sliced into thin layers of 50 microns. 3D printer spreads a layer of metal powder on build plate which is melted by LASER as per CAD model dimensions continuously. The part gets build layer by layer over the period of time. The parts are mechanically strong and dense that can be directly used in Engineering Applications.

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Supply Chain Optimization – The Future of Industrial Manufacturing Sector

Coming years are about efficient production activities in the industrial sector as 3d printing continues to grow. Over the past few decades, 3d printing has played a major role in transforming the industrial supply chain. Manufacturing a complex part or assembly would take multiple vendors who might be situated at various locations nationally or internationally contributing to a very long supply chain. On the other hand, metal 3D printing can produce such complex parts without having to reach out to multiple vendors. Nowadays, as competition in growing, new products are being launched by giant companies faster than ever before to capture and maintain their market presence and market share, and therefore, product development and research departments are actively exploring innovative options to improve the product as well as process. Metal 3D printing has the capacity to enhance product quality and optimize process. Small batch production is possible with metal 3D printing where the parts can be tested, and design can be validated in a few weeks’ time which otherwise would take 3-6 months conventionally.

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The Rising Concern of Porosity in Metal 3D Printing

Metal 3D printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM) is one of the most sensational developments in manufacturing industry. And rightfully so; each material designed for 3d metal printing has its own unique features such as miniatures, jewellery, industrial prototypes, or interior products. Industrial manufacturers are already making huge investments for future applications. All credit goes to the flexibility of AM technology which offers designing freedom in geometry without any tooling requirements. One of the greatest achievements of AM technology has been in the field of defense and aerospace. However, there is still a concern regarding the final product and the usage of powder materials. A variation occurred in the powder density can result in rough, porous, and mechanically weak parts.

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