Cranial Plates and Cutting Guides

Cranial Plates

Custom implants for the reconstruction of craniofacial defects have gained importance due to better performance over their generic counterparts. 3D printing technology is changing the way surgeons are planning surgeries and graphic designers are designing custom implants.

Cutting Guides

A 3D printing technology is possible due to special tool that make the cutting-edge 3D printing technology that customise the patient specific cranial plate implant. It is used to Design for the repair of defects in the non-loadbearing bones of the head and face, each custom designed plate is permanently attached to the skull and/or face. 3D printing technology technology produces the specific dimensions of the design resulting the exact fit for the defect.


1. Precise adaptation to the region of implantation

2. Reduced surgical times

3. Better cosmesis.

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